The green Owl of wisdom - Lampwork - Pendant/Necklace - Murano Glasschmuck

€ 135.00 EUR

The core of this focal bead is black. The decoration includes a funky Owl on one and purple green flowers on the other side. Below  you find my signature. All the beads are softly etched for a matt finish

Measurement Owl: 69 mm long x 32 mm widest x 13 to 19 mm thick -  (2.71" x 1.25" x  0.51 to 0.74"). All the beads are softly etched.

Pendant length: 10,3 cm - (4.05") - Including dangles made out of 3 lampwork beads.

Silk ribbon length : 104 cm (40.94")

Materials: lampwork beads all made by me, silk ribbon, sterling silver. Pictures are showing both sides of the bead.

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