SOLD! Hiding Zebra ♥ Handcrafted Lampwork Necklace by Michou

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This Necklace has been entirely made with handcrafted lampwork beads by Michou. The main beads are shiny just a few spacer beads are softly etched for a satin look. The necklace is hand knotted.


Length/ Länge Necklace: 75 cm ( 29,52") 

Diese wunderschöne Lumineszenz-Halskette wurde vollständig aus handgefertigten Lampwork-Perlen von Michou gefertigt. Handgeknüpft.


All the beads are created in the flame, one at a time, then fully kiln-annealed for lasting strength and beauty. Beads are clear glass encased and all decoration on the bead is stringer (thin glass threads) worked hot in the flame. There is no cold painting or decals etc.Colors may slightly vary depending on your monitor. 

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