Ocean Flower ♥ Handmade lightweight fire torched Copper Earrings

€ 65.00 EUR

"Spring is nature's way of saying let's party." -- Robin Williams

Length/Länge approximately: 4.46" / 88 mm long 

Widest/Breite: 35 mm

Weight/Gewicht: 11 g

Lampwork beads &Torch fired enameled Copper Component. The decoration includes flowers and dot work all lovingly made by Michou Pascale Anderson. 

Die Lampwork-Glasperlen und handgeschmiedete emaillierte Kupfer Komponenten wurden von Michou Pascale Anderson liebevoll am Brenner in ihrem Atelier in Hamburg handgefertigt.

Further Ingredients are: Czech crystal beads and Tierra Cast Ear hooks or Sterling Silver,you decide.


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