About the Designer


Michou Pascale Eliane Anderson is a cosmopolite, born in Munich (Germany) and raised in Switzerland, Europe and Jamaica. Later, she worked in Munich, Japan, New York and Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of a Jamaican musician and an Italian-French actress. 
From her earliest age Michou traveled with her parents throughout Europe and accompanied them to show appearances. At the age of seven she moved to her grandparents in Switzerland where she later graduated from school. In her new surroundings, a big house with garden, Michou had the opportunity to live out her fantasies.

Her grandmother, a piano teacher, taught her playing the piano and her grandfather, a renowned photographer, trained her to explore the world with camera and lens.

As a little girl already she gathered white, green and brown glass stones, polished by seawater and salt at
the beaches of Capri. 

Creating jewelry has always fascinated Michou and she even earned her first own money with this passion as nine year old girl. Thus, she could afford new pearls to create additional pieces of jewelry.

After a childhood in a thoroughly artistic family she was drawn to Munich where she attained a cosmetics
school. After only 3 months she ended this education to further concentrate on her artistic endeavors.
Subsequently, she was employed as make-up artist and presenter at a music channel for three years, having much fun in taking first steps in front of a camera.

Michou worked successfully as make-up artist both nationally and internationally. This occupation also
took her to Tokio for three months. Back in Munich she decided to take a time-off. With her make-up
suitcase she travelled to Los Angeles to visit friends. There, she met German photographer Jim Rakete. He admired Michou's works and hired her on the spot. Back in Munich again she applied for a public actors' school which she graduated from successfully in 1994. Michou appeared in numerous TV series and movies side by side with well-known actors in Germany and Europe.

Since 2006 she has been working in her Studio in Hamburg as glass bead designer. She has been making art glass beads full time ever since.

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